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Wine cellar

You will find our wine cellar in the small and striking hamlet of Montestefano. It has recently been completely renovated maintaining its style and taste as a whole.

The original ceilings were built long ago out of barrels and bricks, and hearken back to different periods from the end of the 1600s to the second half of the 1800s.

Various places, situated on different floors and connected by striking stone stairs, jealously guard the wines which age in small barrels and improve in bottles.

Our cave is always open for visit and tasting from 3,00 pm till 5,00 pm. If you want to visit us in different time, please be so kind to contact us for appointment. We can offer visit in Italian, English and French.

Azienda Agricola Rivella Silvia - Località Montestefano, 17 - 12050 Barbaresco (CN) Italia
Tel. +39 0173 635040 P.IVA IT03307400048
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