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The company began in 2010, as the crowning achievement of a dream nurtured by Guido Rivella, enologist, who was born in Barbaresco in the hamlet of Montestefano, the current site of the company, a prestigious corner within the Barbaresco wine area.
Coming from a rigorously agricultural family (his grandparents and parents have always carried out “agricultural” activities on the hilly terrain around Montestefano), Guido was destined for this future because his work couldn't be anything but that.
After graduating as an enologist at the Enological School of Alba, he worked for a brief period of time far from the Langhe.
However, nostalgia for his homeland grew and as soon as the opportunity to return presented itself, Guido took it.
The gratifying opportunity was a technical, viticultural, and enological collaboration with an important company in Barbaresco, close to his home and his origins.
After 45 intense years, with great satisfaction, the time came to achieve that dream he had nurtured since childhood...
He decided to give new life to the small structure inherited from his parents, restoring the simple, but original and fascinating, wineries, residential buildings, and the prestigiously placed vineyards.
Today the company carries the name of his daughter, Silvia, and functions as an agricultural and touristic business with 3 hectares of vineyards, wineries for wine production, and rooms where guests can enjoy a pleasant stay in the Langhe with the possibility of food service upon request.
Guido Rivella offers his experience, availability, and collaboration to produce important wines, to rationally conduct work on the vineyard, and spend some fun time with the guests who visit his touristic location.
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