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Wine speaks. Everybody knows it. Look around. Ask the fortune teller on the street corner, the guest that wasn't invited to the wedding, the village idiot. It speaks. It's a ventriloquist. It has a million voices. It loosens the tongue, reveals secrets that you shouldn't have ever told, secrets that you didn't even know you knew. It shouts, raves, and whispers. It talks about great things, marvelous projects, tragic loves, and terrible betrayals. It laughs out loud. It silently stifles a laugh. It cries over its thoughts. It brings to mind summers from long ago and memories that are best forgotten. Every bottle is a breath from other times, other places, and each one is a little miracle.

Silvia: Our company began from a desire, from a dream, from the will to keep the memory of our forefathers alive, who dedicated their entire lives to these vineyards, these wine cellars. We are in the heart of the Barbaresco wine area, surrounded by cultivated vineyards of Nebbiolo, in the small hamlet of Montestefano; we are a small family-run company with 3 hectares of vineyards, wineries, and guest rooms.
In the guest rooms we offer a warm welcome, a pleasant tranquility, comfortable rooms, cozy lounges where you can read or, why not, sip a nice glass of our Barbaresco.
Our guests will be welcomed like family or old friends. They'll find pleasant surprises on their arrival and during their stay.
It will also be a pleasure for us to organize a romantic dinner, a tour of the cave, a tasting, a bike ride...
In the old cellar we produce wines like Barbera d’Alba DOC, Langhe Nebbiolo DOC, Barbaresco DOCG, and an unusual and surprising rosé wine.
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