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Vino rosato "Svicc"

Denomination: Rosé wine "Svicc"
Variety: 100% Nebbiolo
Vineyards: this wine comes from a selection of vineyards with Barbaresco nebbiolo
Terrain: clayish, calcareous, with an active steep layer (south) and fresher and less steep layer (southeast),  bestowing elegance and structure to the wine
Production: brief fermentation in contact with the skin to extract a pleasant ruby color and various aromatic components (rose, violet, spices, raspberry, red berries)
Traits: wine made with nebbiolo in a curious and “abnormal” version, something to discover without bias, with a pleasant smell of violets and wild berries. You can consume it young and at a cool temperature, but also a more mature version, when it possesses a structure which will last for some time.
Matching: chilled for aperitifs and appetizers, but its personality is also appreciable for an entire meal without betraying its origin.

Barbera d’Alba Doc

Denomination: Barbera d’Alba DOC
Variety: 100% Barbera
Vineyards: 0.58 hectares in the hamlet of Patricone with eastern exposure
Terrain: clayish and calcareous. Lighter, cooler giving a cool and soft vinosity
Production: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 12-14 days at a controlled temperature (27-29°C), aged in small old wooden containers for 6 months and then in bottles.
Traits: Warm and robust wine, an intense and expansive ruby red and a fulfilling composite for every occasion due to its acidic freshness, its vinosity and softness. It can be drunk young to experience its pleasant fruit, but also after a few years to appreciate the structure and silkiness.
Matching: This is a very versatile wine at the table and so it goes well with all courses. Great with pasta dishes, boiled meat, white and red meats, and aged cheeses, where it proves to be a popular wine, based on its original characters of quality soil and vines.

Langhe Nebbiolo Doc

Denomination: Langhe Nebbiolo DOC
Variety: 90% Nebbiolo, 10% Barbera
Vineyards: in the hamlets of Montestefano and Patricone, Eastern exposure
Terrain: clayish and calcareous but cooler and lighter giving the wine a finesse and elegance
Production: separate fermentation for the Nebbiolo and Barbera in stainless steel tanks for 14-18 days at a controlled temperature(28°C), separately aged in wood for 6-12 months then mixed and placed in bottles.
Traits: dry wine, harmonious, refined by the ruby red color and pleasant smell of raspberries, blackberries, wild berries, and spices, joining the personality and elegance of Nebbiolo with the discrete presence of Barbera, which provides the vinosity, freshness, and mellowness.
Matching: it has characteristics for enhancing every prestigious and refined course, ideal for first courses with pasta, red and white meats, cheeses, and it is great for melted cheese with truffle.
Barbaresco Docg

Denomination: Barbaresco DOCG
Variety: 100% Nebbiolo
Vineyards: 0.62 hectares in the hamlets of Sori Montestefano, Patricone, and Bibinet with southern and southeastern exposure
Terrain: clayish, calcareous and steep (south); cooler and less steep (southeast), giving the wine a tannic structure and elegance.
Production: fermentation, maceration in stainless steel tanks for 20-22 days at a controlled temperature (28-30°C); aged in wood for 14-16 months, then again in bottles for a few months before sale.
Characteristics: delicate and elegant, with a brilliant ruby red color, reaching the peak of refinement, elegance, and balance after a few years of aging first in wood then in bottles. It possesses a very tannic structure but also silkiness, complexity, and pleasantness.
Traits: its smell contains hints of violet, liquorice, rosehip, sweet tobacco, chocolate, vanilla, pepper, nutmeg. Its taste is decisive and compact, persistent and elegant.
Matching: ideal for red meat roasts and aged cheeses, enhancing traditional Langhe dishes as well as other traditional dishes for full and refined tastes. Its discrete nobility is appreciated for every occasion.

Barbaresco Docg "Fausoni"

Denomination: Barbaresco DOCG "Fausoni"

Variety: 100% Nebbiolo
Vineyards: 0,70 Hectares of which 0,30 with South exposure and 0,40 with West exposure
Terrain: clayish, calcareous, deep with light sand stratifications that make wine more soft, elegant and spicy.
Production: fermentation and maceration in stainless steel tanks for 22-25 days at controlled temperature. Malolactic fermentation and aging in small wood for 14-18 moths, then again in bottles for few moths before going on sale.
Traits: spicy sensations where licorice and chocolate are the stronger. Tannins are strong and wrinkly at the beginning, but they are able to find a good evolution and balance relatively fast during aging in small wood first and later in bottle. I’s a wine with a strong personality, mainly evident in the fineness, elegance, spicy touch: all those traits are due to a light but reach terroir with a perfect exposition.
Matching: perfect with elegant and reach meet plates, braised and game, aged cheese. Anyway, is a versatile with that due to it’s discrete elegance could be perfect in any occasion.

Barbaresco Docg " Montestefano"

Denomination: Barbaresco Docg " Montestefano"

Variety: 100% Nebbiolo
Vineyards: 0.37 hectares with complete southern exposure in the best position of hamlet of Montestefano.
Terrain: clayish, calcareous, rich and steep. It gives the wine an important tannic composition and refinement.
Production: fermentation and maceration in stainless steel tanks for 22-25 days at a controlled temperature. Aged in wood for 14-18 months, then again in bottles for a few months before going on sale.
Traits: it contains all the noteworthy characteristics of elegance and finesse as well as the structure and persistence of a BARBARESCO, with a strong added value of marked personality and great expressiveness given to the wine by the terroir and the particularly suited exposure. Over time, hints of rose, violet, liquorice, and chocolate mix together into a balance of structure and elegance. Very persistent wine to the palette and a long duration.
Matching: ideal for rich and refined dishes such as red meats, braised meat, aged cheeses; it can be enjoyed in any occasion however for its exquisite uniqueness.
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